Time Bank

What is it?

Do you have free time? Do you have any skills or experience in an area for which you can exchange? With IrlandaInglés, we offer you the opportunity to participate in our Bank of Time: an exchange system that will allow you to offer and obtain services for free, and meet interesting people.

Reloj de arena - Banco de tiempo de Limerick

How it Works?

Banco de tiempo

The operation is very simple. If you can offer a specific service, all you have to do is contact us and we will register you in the Time Bank. Here you can also request services from the rest of the participants.

If, for example, you are very good at sewing, but your computer is broken, you can offer your free time to make clothing arrangements and, in return, find someone to fix it for you for free. With each service you provide, the Bank will pay you in hours, which you can spend immediately or accumulate in your account and redeem when you need any of the services offered in the Time Bank.

In addition to finding all kinds of offers and demands, participating in the Bank of Time is a selfless form of help between people which can become a very enriching experience.

Who can participate in the Time Bank?

The Limerick Time Bank is open to all Limerick residents or tourists over the age of 18 with valid passports who want to have a good time exchanging their skills or knowledge.

Language classes or other subjects, hairdressing, gardening, repairs of PCs and bicycles, help in daily tasks, legal and administrative advice, etc., there will always be someone who can offer what you need in exchange of sharing your time and skills with those who might require it.

It is a selfless form of mutual benefit that will also help you to integrate in Limerick, expand your social circle, and discover talents you may not have discovered before.

Participating in the Time Bank is this easy: send us an email to botlimerick@gmail.com, you will receive free access to the online platform. It is translated into six languages to connect with more people and start sharing your free time!

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