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Looking for accommodation in a country that is not yours is not an easy task and it is very important to know how to choose well. In IrlandaInglés we have an agreement with families, student residences and apartments to give you the best coverage and so you are able stay in a place where you feel like at home.

Every academic year at least 22,000 students come to Limerick, so we recommend that you book your accommodation in advance to ensure that you will be living in the right place.

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Types of accommodation in Limerick

Living with an Irish family:

While this is the most expensive option, it also provides the best opportunity for language immersion. You can choose either full or half board. There are a number of families with homes located near the student areas, and have passed a series of requirements to host tenants.

Living in a shared house:

IrlandaInglés offers several 6 room houses that are designed for groups of students or travellers passing through. This accommodation is charged per person. Irlanda inglés offers personalized assistance and advice regarding nearby facilities or any questions that may arise. You can see the apartments using this link.

Living in a student residence:

This is the cheapest alternative accommodation in Limerick. This means renting a single room in a complex of apartments for students. This accommodation is most often comprised of 3 or 4 rooms with a kitchen, bathroom, dining room, laundry, internet access and 24-hour security. Cleaning must be done by the students themselves. Some are not very close to the academies, so a bike  is recommended to get around more easily.

When choosing accommodation it is important to take into account, among other things, its location on the map: if it is close to the academy, if there is public transport, sports or cultural facilities, services that are of interest to you, restaurants… etc. That’s why we, from here, can give you all the options that suit you according to your tastes or needs.

Book with us the accommodation and forget about wasting time and being stressed out. We will look for the best option, at the best price and without any additional cost.

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